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Angry Birds 2 v2.25.1 Apk Mod + OBB Latest

It’s the ultimate slingshot strategy – YOU choose which bird to fling next! But that makes it easier, right? WRONG! You’ll need to choose wisely if you’re going to stop those eggs from getting scrambled. Plus, destroy blocks to fill up the Destruct-O-Meter and earn extra birds!

You’ve never seen Piggy Island like this – jaw-droppingly stunning levels brimming with exotic plants, quirky details and plenty of peril. And because those naughty porkies are building their teetering towers right under your beak, many levels have multiple stages. Uh oh.

Blizzards, Hot Chilis, Golden Ducks and other outrageous spells give you an added advantage against those swindling swine. And when you need some serious help, guess who’s at hand to make a pork-smashing cameo? That’s right, it’s the sardine loving Mighty Eagle. Oh yeah!

Challenge players from across the world in the Arena to see who’s the most hardcore bird flinger of them all. Play new tournaments every day, earn feathers to level up your birds and face off against the toughest competition on the planet. Game face!

There’s some serious bad guys on Piggy Island, and your slingshot skills are needed to take them down. Foreman Pig, Chef Pig and the infamous King Pig will stop at nothing to keep your eggs. Are you gonna let ‘em get away with that? It’s time to teach the pork a lesson.

MOD Info :

1. Infinite Gems
2. Infinite Energy
3. Infinite Black Pearls
4. Anti-Ban

What’s New

– 2 New chapters with new levels.
– Minor fixes. Just pecking at a few bugs. Delicious!

The first is the picture, it is undeniable that as long as tried this work, it is not difficult to see the upgrade of the screen, though still a cartoon rendering of wind, but the new engine makes the game more beautiful picture, the special effects of the upgrade is even more obvious , Different levels, the flow of the wind, the invasion of the rain, diurnal changes, flowers and stars are delicate and unique, these changes not only changed the difficulty of the game, but also greatly promoted the player interaction with the environment, customs clearance also It becomes more interesting.

This made the customs clearance page also changed the simple way in the past, but replaced by the form of the map line, and is divided into multiple topics, even the level map page, also sub-theme scene details, more delicate screen, At the same time on the map and pig interaction is more intuitive to reflect the limited story of the game, of course, played a generation of players naturally know that this little bird and trickery pig millennium grudges, even to the second generation, also still in this way.

Strictly speaking, this “Angry birds 2” is actually not significantly improved in gameplay. It is almost exactly the same as the first generation of the series, but it is also a combination of slingshots and birdies. It is as simple as extreme gameplay, Complicated without procrastination, it makes Avian series loved by numerous players, can be described as ages. This generation is somewhat similar in character configuration to the Star Wars avatars, each having its own unique skills. This is a total of seven characters, and one of them is never seen before the new role in the work – Hyun dance silver, this is only known as “legendary warrior in mid air” role, has a very strong impact, everyone You can experience carefully when the game.

In addition, the role of the feathers can be upgraded by collecting the upgrade after the birds should be able to improve in ability, but for the time being I only played a beginning, did not experience the status of the upgraded character.

“Leading Brother” Angry Birds, “Speed ​​Lumberjob Master” Darts Huang, these classic bird characters will naturally appear in the game, and will have a new ability to performance, I believe Nu series of fans will come here to experience To have fun, and find new fun.

This is the introduction of the new rankings to join this game, through the specified level of endless points to obtain points, ranked according to scores, a daily settlement, reward is the role of upgrading the feathers. According to the current situation, the version of the domestic Kunlun agent is a competitive circle, while the international version should be another competitive circle, the data are not interoperable with each other. Arena in the story mode 25th , personal feeling can only be said to be normal, better than nothing.

The characters in the level are no longer in the same fixed order as before, but players are free to choose any of the roles that the level initially had to attack. As a result, the first thing a player needs to think about when entering a level is no longer just How to adjust the angle, but to consider which role is more reasonable, the fun and difficulty of the game also in this inadvertently upgrade, select the appropriate role, a good grasp of the angle, the use of environmental elements, it is easy to reap the wonderful effect.

If you’re still simply thinking that each level’s available character is still a fixed number, it’s a big mistake, and the game adds a progress bar at the top right corner of the level to break down the bastions of pigs and pigs You can accumulate energy, each accumulate an energy you can get an extra random character, is not a sudden a sense of the future unknown, yes, Angry Birds 2 is to give players that every time you can enter a level can be harvested The effect of different feelings.

The current game 240 levels, each level is no longer only a room form, the level of this generation of games are basically composed of 2-3 rooms, forming a chain of fighting in the form of further enhance the fun, and as the story The development of certain level will face a strong pig BOSS is prohibitive or go ahead, we must look at the player’s ability.

If the same level can not pass many times, the game will automatically determine, to reduce the difficulty.

The game joined the annoying physical system, 30 points for the cap, each clearance once deducted a little, every failure to deduct five points, automatically recover after a period of time, thick mobile gaming style, I believe many players are not particularly like This setting.

Magic is actually paid props, different magic has different effects, there are sky duck rain Xiao Huang Dui effect also has frozen stone for the frozen ice, reasonable use can help players through some difficult level.

The whole content of Angry birds 2 does not seem to be completely correct either. The randomness and uniqueness of each level alone is enough to surprise the player. In addition to the simple play that is almost identical to the previous one, fresh and familiar background music is still Funny ridiculous sound effect, angry birds really fans can experience a different fun and returning to the familiar sense of Fury series developed so far, like the natural like, do not like the natural has left, whether for the players to bring It does not really matter, because it’s really a mid-summer gift from Rovio to fans of Angry Birds around the world, and that’s enough to make the game so happy many times Moreover, the change is obvious.


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